Flood Resilient Homes Program

01. About the Program

The Flood Resilient Homes Program is an initiative of Brisbane City Council, delivered in partnership with its sustainability agency, CitySmart. Flood resilience is the ability to prepare for, live through and then return to normal household routines following a flood with the least amount of disruption. This program is designed to help Brisbane residents prepare for, live through and recover from overland flow flooding events.

The program is being piloted in selected locations across the city that have a history of frequent and severe overland flow flooding. Pilot areas have been selected because they are regularly and severely impacted by overland flow flooding. These areas have a 50% chance of flooding from overland flow every year and are located across the Brisbane Local Government Area, in upper, middle and lower parts of catchments.

JDA have been involved in designing and implementing the program since its inception as lead technical advisors as well as lead assessors on the ground.

02. Steps in the Program

Selected properties will receive a letter from CitySmart inviting them to participate in a program consisting of three steps:

- Home Service – a free in-home assessment of your property’s flood resilience

- Home Service Recommendations – the recommendations follow your Home Service and may include recommended building or design works to increase the flood resilience of your property.

- Incentive Scheme – if any building or design recommendations have been made, properties may progress to the Incentive Scheme for financial assistance.

03. JDA's role in the Program

The culmination of over 10 years work in the flood resilience space has led to our involvement in the Flood Resilient Homes Program (FRHP). 

JDA are the lead technical advisors of the program as well as lead assessors. As such, we are the people on the ground talking to homeowners about how they can improve their flood resilience. 

FRHP is designed to be highly tailored toward an individual home and to the family living in it. We look at the home's specific flooding risks and provide technical recommendations on how it can be adapted to increase its flood resilience. We know that infrastructure works are sometimes simply not enough to tackle the ever-increasing amount of water coming out of the sky, so we provide advice on how materials, construction details and building services can be altered to make it easier and less expensive to recover next time there is a flood.

By being on the ground, we have been able to see first hand the transformation of homes from at risk to resilient and equally how that has transformed the concern and well-being of homeowners, who no longer have to worry every time it rains.

04. Promoting Flood Resilient Design

The program is creating flood resilience by not only making houses physically resilient to flooding, but by also increasing community awareness and education, which has helped to relieve anxiety within the community. 

With BCC and Citysmart, JDA designed a mobile Flood Hub display. It was designed and fitted-out using flood-resilient building materials, with the aim to help residents learn how to build their flood resilience.