Maitland Flood Consultancy
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Maitland Flood Consultancy

The Residential Design in Flood Affected Heritage Areas Report builds on the practice’s expertise in flood resilient design with an extensive analysis of Maitland’s (NSW) eclectic heritage conditions and building typlogies.

01. Central Maitland


The area of Central Maitland is in the Hunter River floodplain and has a long history of flooding, the most serious occurring in 1955. Central Maitland has reduced in population by half since. Central Maitland is a Heritage conservation area and is culturally significant to the residents of Maitland. There is a significant history of flood resilience in Maitland’s building practice. Throughout its development, the two storey building has dominated the streetscape with only a few instances of one or three storey buildings occurring.

Maitland’s prominence as a trading centre meant that development and redevelopment was always taking place and, in many areas, the present buildings might be the third or fourth buildings on the site.

02. Flood & Heritage Synthesis

Using character, scale, form, details & programme as ways of defining our strategies, JDA created unique flood resilience strategies that integrated with central Maitland's typologies.

03. Typlogies

Streetscapes & typologies were analysed and tested to create a series flood resilient architectural responses to both existing properties and empty sites.

04. Final Report

The study resulted in a 107-page report that proposes a total of 15 flood resilient design scheme options across 6 sites ranging from detached dwellings, duplexes & townhouses.

A key learning from this study is that if the definition of 'non-habitable use' were expanded to stimulate a greater variety of activities and uses in the undercroft spaces that do not threaten the safety of occupants in flood plains, they could add colour and vibrancy to the designs of dwellings and their street scapes and assist in improving issues of building bulk and scale to the street.