QLD Flood Resilient Building Guidance

01. The Report

JDA was responsible for pulling together the guide, a joint initiative of the Queensland Government, Brisbane City Council, Ipswich City Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Somerset Regional Council and Seqwater.

The Guideline provides information about reducing the impact of floods on Queensland homes and families. Building industry professionals, state and local authorities, and owners of residential properties in flood prone areas across Queensland can use this guideline. It provides clear guidance on flood resilient design principles, strategies, construction details, materials and the expected benefits and costs of flood resilient design.

Flood resilient design and construction can reduce the long-term costs for home owners by reducing expected costs associated with flood damage and insurance premiums. A cost benefit analysis was undertaken as part of the development of this Guidance to understand the return on investment for flood resilient homes under different circumstances.

02. Economic Benefits of Flood Resilience

The economic case for investing in flood resilient construction increases when taking into account future predicted climate changes.

An economic analysis of flood resilient design revealed that it is a viable option for reducing the impacts of flooding in areas vulernable to up a 1% annual chance (1in 100) flood level. In terms of cost-benefit, the average time it takes to recover the initial outlay costs ranges from 1 to 12 years depending on building type, strategies implemented and likely frequency of flooding. 

There is a direct relationship between flood resilient homes and mitigating internal flood damage.

An estimated 70 per cent of all internal flood costs would be avoided in a flood, if all homes were flood resilient. This estimation is based on anecdotal advice from insurance companies. The economic benefit of resilient building is the reduction in the costs of future flood damage, calculated as a reduction in AAD for internal flood damage. The majority of benefits will be realised by a homeowner over time