Roseberry Fern House

01. Brief

This renovation of a private residence in Highgate Hill focused on providing sun shading over an existing roof terrace, with the addition of a small garden studio and kitchen fit-out.


02. Existing Conditions

The existing roof terrace was almost unusable in the summer months and the brief called for a light weight roof structure that allowed light in and referenced the timber detailing of their front verandah. 


A few of the challenges involved designing the roof around a blockwork chimney, and supporting the roof posts without affecting the waterproofing of the terrace. The existing property had a rendered block wall shed adjacent to their pool, which was to be altered to become a polycarbonate & timber garden studio.

03. Construction

04. Outcome

Although a relatively small addition, the roof and garden studio bring a tremendous amount of quality and life to otherwise unused spaces complimenting the existing house.