West End Flood House
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West End Flood House

Sited directly opposite the West End bank of the Brisbane River, the flooding risk this property faces is visually evident. As a traditional Queenslander with hardwood floors and wall finishes, the building itself escaped relatively unscathed, meaning that only the kitchen and bathroom were damaged beyond repair.

01. Brief

Using the opportunity to maximise the location of the property, the clients wished to build a flood friendly living space below the existing building, whilst restoring the original house.


02. Climate Adaptation & Flooding

After raising the existing Queenslander, a new living level was created at ground level. This area is open plan, which would allow water to flow through when the river does break its banks in the future.


We can protect this area from damage by using flood friendly finishes, such as polished concrete and rendered blockwork, and joinery details such as a removable modular kitchen.

03. Construction

04. Outcome

The building as a whole serves as an example of a typological combination of a traditional Queenslander renovated using new, alternative flood resilient materials.