Our practice

Our practice

JDA is a Brisbane-based studio that uses a methodology of research and advocacy, to positively influence change in areas of climate adaptation, community, and remote, complex projects. Our works seeks to occupy the spaces in between architecture, with a goal to affect policy for a better outcome for society.

Accordingly we value both the architectural work itself and the relationships with all involved in the building process, from clients to consultants to contractors to the eventual occupiers. Our experience is that building good relationships has many benefits everyone involved, including minimising costs, reducing stress, and quick resolution of problems.

JDA Co. is a small studio-based practice that specialises in remote complex projects in Australia and overseas. Based in Brisbane, JDA has a reputation for innovative, collaborative projects with a strong emphasis on design. JDA doesn’t specialise in any specific type of work, but focuses on undertaking projects that present an opportunity to turn problems into enjoyable challenges. 

The more complex and difficult the project appears, the more we like it. In our approach to architecture, we have a strong belief that the discipline is by its very nature an empirical anthropology, where the making of architecture directly linked to its social processes, culture and material context.

Our work encompasses a diversity of project scales ranging from boutique residential to large institutional projects, building in particular on the practice’s collective expertise in all areas of design ranging from one-off residential architecture through to multi-residential projects, interiors, cultural/public buildings, heritage, urban design and master planning.

Climate Adaptation & Flooding

JDA is a leader in architectural approaches to climate adaptation. Since 2011, we have been working in practice, research and advocacy toward resilience, producing work with an aim to affect policy and broader systemic change.



JDA is dedicated to progressing the discipline through continued research and advocacy. 



Every home is different, and at JDA we have a track record of thinking of the bigger picture during the design and construction process. Whatever the scale of the home, we maintain a commitment to producing an outcome that is considerate of our environment and the people who live within it.


Remote & Complex

We believe in taking on projects that present an opportunity to turn problems into enjoyable challenges. JDA has been undertaking projects in remote communities across Queensland, including housing, education and cultural buildings.


Flood Houses

Our flood houses utilise flood resilient concepts without sacrificing good design. Using "wet-proofing" principles, we aim to create flexible spaces which ameliorate aesthetic concerns and maximise value to both the homeowner and wider community.


Community & Cultural

We believe that architecture is by its very nature an empirical anthropology, where the making of architecture is directly linked to its social processes, culture and material context. To that end the practice has undertaken projects for communities across Queensland, including housing, education, community and cultural buildings.




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