FORTIS House received a Highly Commended Community Award at the 2022 Resilient Australia Awards in October. FORTIS House is community recovery project, led by the Bushfire Building Council of Australia, supported by NRMA Insurance and Shoalhaven City Council, and architecturally designed by JDA Co.

The project brought together Australia’s leading disaster resilience experts, architects, engineers, builders and communities to develop a collection of free resources to make it easier and more affordable for Australians to build sustainable houses resilient to bushfires, floods, storms, heatwaves, cyclones, mould, and pests.

The community-led design process can be replicated in any community, and empowers community members to participate in, and lead their own, resilience and recovery journeys and deliver positive outcomes that meet community needs.

FORTIS promotes resilience equity by providing free designs and guidance for all Australians and developing more affordable solutions that can be scaled up or down to suit all budgets.

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