JDA Co.’s Sam Bowstead was honoured at the 2022 Queensland Architecture Awards. The Emerging Architects and Graduate Network (EmAGN) — part of the Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects — awarded Sam for his role as Project Architect for The Princess Theatre refurbishment.

The judges applauded Sam’s leadership skills and his ability to navigate the complexity of working on the state heritage listed building. Specifically, they praised his ability to work within legislative constraints, achieve client programmatic requirements, and maintain the design intent whilst managing and retaining the theatre’s significant cultural heritage.

Read on for the judges’ additional reflections on Sam’s work …

Sam’s engagement with the client and the music industry required careful and creative conversations whilst understanding the needs and demands of complex theatre design. The extensive engineering requisites involved standard disciplines and critical acoustic issues for achieving live music performances, along with venue noise management. Detailed heritage reconstruction and carefully considered intersection of new elements was a necessity of managing impacts of the proposed program within the State heritage place which has added an essential layer to Sam’s architectural repertoire. Sam’s ability to manage and listen to all concerns by the client, entertainment industry, experienced consultants and regulatory authorities has resulted in a commendable project which has reinstated and celebrates its former life.

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