JDA Co. was approached to consult on a levee design to help protect hundreds of homes and major industries in Bundaberg East, Bundaberg South and the city’s CBD which would help protect Bundaberg East from a riverine flood similar to that experienced in 2013.

JDA Co. saw this as an opportunity to not only mitigate future flood damage for the city, but to utilise the levee as a bikeway and pedestrian link to better connect the CBD to the growing Bundaberg East precinct. This enabled the creation of points of interest along the river for the community. JDA Co. countered the original alignment with our own ideas to greatly minimise the number of flood doors and the impact on existing properties.

East Bundaberg Link seeks to provide the local community with vital flood resilient infrastructure and activates it to deliver a valuable, long-term asset for the Bundaberg community.

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