What is the Flood Resilient Homes Program?

An initiative of Brisbane City Council, delivered in partnership with the Brisbane Sustainability Agency, the Flood Resilient Homes Program is Australia’s largest climate adaptation and property-based flood resilience project.

What is ‘flood resilience’?

Flood resilience is the ability to prepare for, live through and then return to normal household routines following a flood— with the least amount of disruption.

How does the program work?

The program is being piloted in several Brisbane locations that have a history of frequent and severe overland flooding. The program is delivered in three stages:

  1. Home Service – a free, in-home assessment of your property’s flood resilience
  2. Home Service Recommendations – possible suggestions of building or design works to increase the flood resilience of your property
  3. Incentive Scheme – if design or building recommendations are made, you may be eligible for financial assistance through the Incentive Scheme
10+ years’ experience

We know how to make houses physically resistant to flooding, while relieving anxiety around floods, through community awareness-raising and education.
As the Flood Resilient Homes Program’s lead technical advisors and assessors, we’re the people on the ground talking to homeowners about how to improve the flood resilience of their properties.
The program is tailored to individual homes and occupants’ needs. JDA Co. looks at the home’s specific flooding risks and provides easy to understand technical advice about how its flood resilience can be improved. We recommend materials, construction details and building services that can save money and relieve stress before, during and after a flood.

3D Laser Scanning

Spatial Ops technology has been instrumental to JDA Co. to deliver the Flood Resilient Homes Program. Using 3D Laser scanning, we are able to quickly record the existing conditions of the homeowner’s property and map the flood information onto our drawings in order to better communicate flood resilience to the community.

To learn more about flood resilient design for your region, please get in touch.

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