The guide is designed to help homeowners prepare for future Melbourne flood events. How? By retrofitting their homes to aid in reducing the cost, concern and inconvenience of flooding.

Practical & affordable ways to retrofit homes

Whilst there is an extensive drainage network in place across greater Melbourne that helps to reduce the severity of flooding, of course flooding events cannot entirely be prevented. Learning to live with flooding by making homes and properties more flood resilient is one of the ways to reduce the impact of flooding. Our guide helps homeowners make informed decisions about the materials and construction systems used in their properties.
We tailored the guide for owners of detached, semi-detached and attached homes (townhouses/terraces).

What our insights delivered

We provided important information to help homeowners become better equipped to deal with flood events. The guide includes:

  • The importance of flood resilience
  • Understanding local planning organisations
  • The likelihood of your home flooding
  • Things to discuss with your insurance agency
  • Approaches to flood resilient design
  • What to discuss with your retrofit professional
  • Examples of flood resilient homes
  • Flood resilient strategies & materials

Find the full guide here.

To learn more about flood resilient design for your region, please get in touch.

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