Chelmer Flood House
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Chelmer Flood House

This Queenslander in Chelmer has had a history of riverine flooding, most notably in the Brisbane 1974 floods. Building on a continued development of flood-resilient design, the house serves as a living example of the flood resilient principles JDA set out in the QRA Flood Resilient Building Guidance for Queensland Homes.

Check out the QRA Flood Resilient Buiding Guidance for more. 

01. Premise

Designed for a young family in a flood plain in Chelmer, QLD, this renovation called for an innovative new flood resilient built-in undercroft for 2 bedrooms, a study and a rumpus room, with a rear extension to their existing upper living space.


02. Single-Skin Wall Detail

A new, cavity-free hardwood insulated single-skin wall design was developed to prevent water from building up inside the walls during a flood event while keeping a traditional hardwood Queenslander aesthetic.

03. Construction

Using a new sustainable concrete product and unprecedented wall detailing required a builder who was willing to experiment, test and explore untraditional construction techniques and feed back into the buildability of these details.

04. Outcome