Savu Savu Island House
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Savu Savu Island House

Situated near Maravu on Savu Savu Island in Fiji, the proposition for this house has been driven by the dramatic topography and views to the lagoon and Pacific Ocean in the foreground and background respectively.

01. Brief

The clients requested that the design for the overall site reflects an iterative process with the site taking on an informal distribution of dwellings over time. The initial house is the first of what will eventually be four stages of additions to the site.


02. Remote & Complex

Early on in the design process it became evident that the house was not only about ‘the view’ as in this particular situation one also needs to be able to shelter from the south east trade winds in winter.


An additional parameter of the client brief was to have minimal disruption to the site, thus the reason for perching the house above the gentle slope of the site.

03. Construction

Local Fijian building contractors were consulted on construction methods in an attempt to respect the cultural norms that exist in the region.

04. Outcome

The result is a home that completely embraces its lucious surroundings in which inhabitants are always connected to the outside landscape.


05. Details