Gab Titui Cultural Centre
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Gab Titui Cultural Centre

Following extensive community consultation, JDA Co led a two staged renovation of the existing building to expand its use in the community.

01. Brief

We sought to practically breathe new life into the Centre, by making spaces more functional and comfortable.


02. Construction

Stage One, completed in 2012 involved the addition of a new access ramp to the building and reconfiguring some of the interior spaces.

Stage Two, completed in 2013 is a substantial renovation of internal gallery spaces including the upgrade of the Ephraim Bani Gallery and a recladding of the external lining of the building, which had suffered under heat exposure.

03. Community & Cultural

Reconfiguring the building was a complex exercise in questioning the role of cultural centre architecture in Indigenous identify creation and maintenance.


For example, as a focus for the many and varied Torres Strait cultures, the centre functions as an art gallery and quasi-museum space whereby local artisans produce artworks.

04. Outcome