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Governments, councils and private enterprises count on us to adapt urban environments to withstand floods, cyclones, bushfires, storm surges and extreme heat.

Engaged by Australia’s largest local government authority, JDA Co. delivers the Flood Resilient Homes Program with the Brisbane City Council. This initiative is the largest residential flood resilience program in Australia and provides recommendations to adapt homes to better accommodate flooding.

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority, that leads the state’s disaster recovery and resilience programs, also partners with JDA Co. to deliver flood-resilient building guidelines. Additionally, JDA Co. has co-authored similar guidelines for both Victoria’s Melbourne Water and Queensland’s Logan City Council.

The practice’s proficiency for producing roadmaps for residents, to adapt their homes to accommodate extreme climatic events, has been further leveraged by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, thanks to a collaboration with JDA Co. and the CSIRO. Together, the trio devised the Bushfire Resilient Building Guidance for Queensland Homes — documentation designed to educate home owners on best-practice building and landscape measures that use tailored, site-specific solutions to adapt buildings for bushfire resilience.

In what JDA Co. considers a necessary evolution, some Australian insurers are investigating ways to incentivise their customers to build back better after significant weather events. One of the country’s largest insurers, Suncorp, has enlisted JDA Co.’s expertise to prepare a comprehensive checklist of flood resilient materials designed to help home owners build back better.

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