3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

Point Cloud capture & implementation in design.

We understand the importance of accuracy, especially when working on remote and difficult to reach locations. Too often issues arise due to poor base plans or incorrect measurements. At JDA, we record 3D laser scans of landscapes, existing buildings and heritage landmarks to capture, explore, measure, and design into with millimeter precision.

01. Scanning With JDA

We provide a service working with the latest available 3D laser scanning technologies. Our rapid capture of accurate and detailed 3D measurements enables the delivery of BIM ready point clouds for CAD integration. 

Using the German made Zoller + Fröhlich 3D Laser Scanner, we measure line of sight from multiple locations and combine the scans into a single, three dimensional point cloud. We are able to pre-register and review the scan on site, eliminating the need to revisit a site for measurements.

02. The Technology

JDA utilises the German Zoller + Fröhlich 3D Laser Scanner and companion software ensuring rapid workflow that provide accurate and detailed measurements. We also utilise Autodesk Recap Pro for CAD/BIM ready deliverables and also can provide managable, measured CAD drawings in Autodesk Revit.

03. How we do it

The laser scanner is set up on a tripod placed in location. The scanner then throws out a laser which returns a point with a x, y, z coordinate. The scanner then moves to a new position and repeats this process. Our scanner is able to record points up to 360 metres in distance at a rate of over one million points a second.

Once the scanner has scanned a complete 360 degrees, the scanner and tripod is moved to a new location and the scanning proccess is repeated. These two scans are then combined to produce an accurate documentation of the space.

04. What we can deliver

We are able to deliver a wide range
of file formats, including:

.ZFS: Z+F Laser Control Scans
.ZFI: Colour or black and white scan information
.RCP: Autodesk Recap project files
.RCS: Autodesk Recap unified point cloud files
Panoramic Images: 360 ° x 320 ° photographs
Revit Model: 3D Model of existing building/s

We have captured numerous projects from heritage buildings and beautiful remote landscapes, through to quick scans of existing dwellings for the fast production of accurate measured drawings.

Below are some examples of our work.

05. Red Hill Picture Pops Cinema

JDA redeveloped the historic Red Hill Skating Arena, using the laser scanner to capture a historic piece in time and envision its future.

06. Lizard Island

JDA have worked on the remote island of Lizard Island with the laser scanner to explore the site and visualise future projects.

07. Whites Hill Reserve